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Information about the Sunlounger Timer

105 x 23 mm

Made of aluminium

  • Silicone button
  • LED display (hour, min. and sec.)
  • Battery indicator
  • Current time
  • Red light – with the following text under the red light: “Occupied, when red light” When the timer is counting down, the red light with a strong lumen is showing on the timer every 3 sec. and the text “Occupied” is showing at the display.
  • When the time expires, the red light and the text “Occupied” turns off, and the timer goes into standby to save battery power.

The administrator (not user) of the timer has by default set the timer at a certain time (up to 99 hours).

The adminitration also set the pool hours (operating hours)

The user can press reset, and the timer will go into standby and be ready for the next guest.

  • The timer will be fastened with 4 bolts and a thin sheet/slab on the back. Incl. an extra sheet/slab for sun lounger with mattress
  • Fits on sun lounger with and without a mattress
  • To lock the timer to the thin sheet/slab a 2,5 mm allen wrenches is used
  • Using two AA batteries
  • Weather proof and water resistant
  • CE, REACH and RoHS certified

5 simple steps to set up the timer by the hotel:

  1. Place two AA batteries into the timer
  2. Register the pool hours
  3. Register the current time
  4. Register the count down time (up to 99 hours)
  5. Fasten the timer to the sun lounger with four bolts provided
    (The Sunlounger Timer is resistant to all weather)

Now the timer is ready for the guests

When a guest leaves their sun lounger, their movements will be registered by the Sunlounger Timer and it will start to count down from the set count down time. A red light will also flash during count down signaling to others that it is soon available to lounge on.
If the guest is not back on the sun lounger, or a new movement has not activated the timer (before the countdown is up), the timer will go into standby, and a new guest can use the sun lounger.

Guests can also reset the timer, when they leave their sun lounger, making it available for a new guest.

The Sunlounger Timer has a preventative effect ensuring guests cannot just “reserve” their preferred sun lounger with their towel for a whole day.
Bring justice and enjoyment to your pool area!some

Find the User Manual as a PDF-file here – Click here!


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