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Soon our updated Sunlounger Timer will be ready – see the presentaion, New Sunlounger Timer
The innovative Sunlounger Timer with a classic design will make sure that a well-deserved holiday will not end up with frustration for the guests and hotel staff. Being at the poolside should be a positive experience for friends and families for all guests.
“The Towel War has been an issue for thousands of hotels and their guests for many years, but now we are proud to present the Sunlounger Timer”

Rise your guest satisfaction rate

When a guest is satisfied, they stay loyal to the hotel, it influences the chances of referring to other guests and creating a good reputation of the hotel. This will generate good recommendations reviews and improves the hotels’ image. Positive word of mouth (WOM) adds no cost to the hotels but can have a significant effect for the hotels.

The Sunlounger Timer is elegant and has a classic design. It registers movement on the sun lounger, and if the guest leaves or do not use the sun lounger, the red light will turn off after a set time. A new guest can then use the sun lounger. The display shows how much time that will be left.

How does the Sunlounger Timer works – See more here!

NOW the Sunlounger Timer is here – you can now order a demo!

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